A little bit about us

FINALIST in three categories for fliprunway awards 2019

Lollipop Interiors of South West London was just a passing thought in 2009, whilst at home being a mum to my first child.  I was previously a nursery teacher but I always wanted to pursue my love of art and design.

We moved house a few years ago and I then had more space to be able to pursue my dream of refinishing furniture. I bought my first few pieces of furniture to upcycle - two of which were bought by a local restaurant in brixton village. 

I also taught myself how to reupholster dining chairs and chaise longues. 

My business has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and now with both children at school I have more time to focus on designing.

In the beginning I sourced my furniture locally, but I have been lucky enough to find the most beautiful pieces in France and Belgium. It opened my eyes to look around as you can find the most amazing pieces. 

Our unique one gold leg/side style has been noticed far and wide and with Lollipop Interiors being noticed further afield, some of our creations have found new homes in Scotland, France and Israel! 

Two of our sideboards have been bought by a set designer (and are currently being used on the set for Coronation street). We have also been apart of Kirstie Allsopps Handmade Fair at Hampton Court, in June 2019 we were lucky enough to have been chosen to showcase our work at The House and Garden Festival at Olympia Kensington and most recently have been asked and will be showcasing at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham (October 2019).

We do offer a custom service where we can collect and deliver your furniture. If there is anything you are looking for specifically please get in touch as we can source pieces for you or update your existing pieces.

Every piece of Lollipop Interiors furniture will be branded from January 2019, we will also be introducing more items to our range.

Supporting small businesses really makes such a difference, every piece is special to us and we do a happy dance inside every time something sells  so thank you...

We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch :)

Tess and Josh x